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torchwoodgenfic's Journal

Man Overboard! 'Ship-free Torchwood Fic
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Non-relationship Torchwood fanfiction
Welcome to Torchwood GenFic

Let's face it, we all like a bit of 'shippiness every now and then but there's sometimes too much of a good thing. That's why this community exists.

This is a place for general Torchwood fan-fiction. This is a 'ship-centric free zone.

Posting Guidelines In A Nutsheet
- Torchwood fic only
- Gen fic only. No 'shippiness, please.
- Please follow the usual convention for posting a fic: Include the title, a short summary, the featured characters (as fics aren't always all-ensemble, all the time), a rating for language/violence/pushing-the-envelope entendre (see below), and please use a cut tag.
- Seriously: No pairings, no triads, and definitely no pheremone spray gets in the Hub's air-conditioning PWP.
- Did I mention that this is a place for Torchwood fanfic? If the membership clamors for it, we might open up to any Doctor Who continuity, with the same rules, of course.
- If you can't follow these simple guidelines, the maintainer will cheerfully bounce-and-ban you on the third offense.

More Detail For Them Who Wants It

This is a place for ol' fashioned fic. God forbid we churn out a few stories about, mysterious murderous aliens, space/time rifts getting the hiccups, or what really happened to Dangling Plot Point X.

No PWP, no angsty!relationship talks, no hurt/comfort - unless it's, y'know, Platonic hurt/comfort...

References to canon ships are okay because you can't pretend some things don't exist. With that in mind, you may shovel out all the sidelong glances, entendres and innuendo that you like. But no Gwen/Owen first time fics, no Jack/Hand luv (after all, there's already two communities for that), and certainly no Weevil/Dalek PWP. I haven't actually encountered the latter but, in keeping with Shrodinger's Theory of Fiction, I bet it's out there...

Who defines a 'shippy fic? The maintainer does - britgeekgrrl. If you don't agree with me if/when I pull a posting, that's too bad. There are plenty of other communities that will host your work.

Please play nicely with each other. This applies to when giving feedback, responding to same, or communicating with the mod about the aptness of a post. If you disagree with the presence of a posting, flag it with a comment and I'll toddle along, shortly. There's no need to get flamey.

I suppose we'll have to set up some sort of tagging system, eventually, but I'm willing to see if one evolves over time, rather than imposing something from the get-go.

Suggestions are welcome - make them as a post to the community, so that everyone may chip in with their thoughts. If you want to drop me a line, please do so via britgeekgrrl(at)livejournal(dot)com.